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Have been fortunate to witness immense progress, success and growth in the Ghantoot Group, and experience it branching out to diverse conglomerates, since 1984.

Because the best workmanship begins with a commitment to excellence, a commitment to stand out in a singular manner in each and every phase development, Ghantoot Group has the resources, equipment, people, experience, knowledge and sense of timeliness to undertake the most challenging projects and bring them to life.

Best of all, we have proven. For over 25 years, Ghantoot Group has been presenting with some of the finest developments in history of U.A.E. Our steady achievement have established ourselves as leading premier developer in Civil Construction, Electrical Projects, Road Construction, Transport & Marine division, Trading, Landscaping, Contracting, and much more.

At Ghantoot Group, we constantly compete with ourselves to exceed par expectations, and to benchmark ourselves against the very best and to demonstrate to the world the effectiveness of its methods and culture.


Ghantoot Group’s overall business attitude is shaped by our overall value care. We acknowledge that, on the long time run, success in business can only be achieved, if a company takes adequate care of all stakeholders in the value chain, namely employees, customers, shareholders and the society.

Our organization builds upon this foundation, with a work force that has diverse industrial backgrounds and in-depth understanding of the current challenges facing the sectors, such as ongoing changes in technology, globalization, outsourcing and consolidation.

I am confident, with our client’s continued feedback and support, our quest for improvements in our service deliverables will result in high satisfaction level. And I am certain; the emplacement of these strategic initiatives, will certainly drives us forward to the world stage, in terms of our business’s cultural and commercial competitiveness.


Our most wise and inspired leadership has formulated a carefully planned, long-term development strategy full of visionary aspirations, attainable goals and prolific promise.

A strategy so compelling as to be wholeheartedly embraced by the client’s today through a simple visualization of the emirate\'s future growth and evolution into the Sustainable Arab capital of the world.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, yet we constantly strive to reach new heights of excellence by executing various projects all over the UAE.

It has been a life-enhancing journey, a travel littered with soul-discovering experiences, a distance so long yet still far from the final destination. But our horizon is clear, our directions chartered and our compass.