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The Ghantoot Gulf contracting company has constructed this Health, Safety & Environmental Manual to provide education, and training, outline responsibilities, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements contractual obligations, and ensure our intent to establish safe and efficient ethic. The management and staff of Ghantoot gulf contracting remains committed to continued enhancement of sound policies and procedures that will in effect, protect our employees, clients, visitors, and the communities in which we work in around.

Health, Safety, Environmental aspects of our operations shall always be considered as being equally important as other construction objectives. The company actively participates with all clients and other authorities in developing and promoting high standards, management, therefore, must provide incentive and full support of all HSE procedures and training to maintain healthy, safe, environmentally sound and reliable operation.

The Management and Employees pledge to make environmental consideration a priority in our planning and development of products and services, even promote environmental awareness and sense of environmental responsibility in our